High Conviction

Larger stakes in fewer stocks operating in a small concentrated band of proven growth industries which the company has competitive subject matter expertise, knowledge and investor networks. All investments to have proven management and standout market opportunity with clear visibility to one or more exit options often contracted or event driven. Substantial holdings, actively managed positions with value added investor role.

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Growth Capital

Capturing value through the funding of early stage businesses for organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, project and receivables financing

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Special Situation

Profiting from clearly identifiable changes in value brought about by unlisted private market opportunities, under-priced, under-researched or under-managed companies, corporate restructures, spin outs, mergers and acquisitions, distressed assets, undercapitalized balance sheets, market dislocation, sell-downs and catalyst-orientated situations.

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Welcome to Chapmans

Chapmans specializes in both early-stage and mature assets, across a diverse range of industries typically on special-situation entry pricing in companies with high growth potential. Using a high-conviction approach that sticks to known growth industries, we look to provide reliably high returns through careful investment selection and active risk management

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